Not For Profit

Teleconferencing is driving performance and productivity for Australian not for profit organisations.

Not for profit, organisations watch their budgets with even more scrutiny than other organisations and one area to help is ECT’s GlobalMeet Audio teleconferencing service.

This service drives further engagement from stakeholders and sponsors. Whether you need to organise a seminar or meet with partners interstate or around the globe, train new volunteers, teleconferencing can support you in your initiative.

ECT offers GlobalMeet Audio On-demand and Reserved; one of the easiest and most cost effective conference call services. GlobalMeet Audio On-demand is available 24/7 to discuss, share, present or conduct a quick brainstorm.

Clean Energy Council

What customers say about GlobalMeet Audio

“We’ve been using ECT’s conferencing solution for almost five years now and are very satisfied with its performance, quality and cost-effectiveness. As a membership organisation with over 600 members across Australia, as well as an international presence through our hosting of the Vienna-based Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency Partnership, we utilise the service constantly and could not function as efficiently as we do without it! If you do not utilise phone or web conferencing solutions, you are not maximising your business’s efficiency and profit! ECT is a must!”

Executive Assistant I Clean Energy Council

Benefits by Role

Charity Administration

GlobalMeet Audio can benefit charity administration:

  • Remain competitive while improving operational efficiencies
  • Improve access to your services in urban and rural areas through increased accessibility
  • Reduce direct carbon emissions helping to comply with budgetary and environmental mandates

Training volunteers

GlobalMeet Audio can benefit training volunteers:

  • Increase reach across Australia and beyond to influence and train
  • On-demand download with teleconferencing solutions
  • Interactive learning with other volunteers and teachers
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