Conduct a video conference for patients and doctors located anywhere at any time.

The experience can provide real-time visual sensory interaction between patient and doctor without the need for being in the same room. This can help doctors to manage more patients between healthcare facilities by removing the travel time and increasing contact with patients.1

Meeting online also enables multi-disciplinary support from teams outside the core healthcare facility to enable collaboration across the entire healthcare department.

Video conferencing with iMeet, is accessible from anywhere with internet connection. Need to meet, consult, discuss or just need an ad-hoc visitation? You can join an iMeet video conference in real time.

Benefits by Role

Patient pre and post care

iMeet can benefit pre and post patient care:

  • Healthcare professionals can easily discuss patient care with widely dispersed colleagues
  • Patients can receive access to remote specialists with video conferencing1
  • Increase prevention care by providing an accessible option to continued care1

Medical education and training

iMeet can benefit medical education and training services:

  • Experts in their field can reach hundreds of affiliated professionals to share new research
  • Provide a cost effective way to educate geographically dispersed students
  • Deliver on-boarding for new healthcare professionals and their colleagues

Healthcare administration

iMeet can benefit healthcare administrators:

  • Get on-demand visitation records accessible any time2
  • Future revenue streams for post patient care
  • Collaborate through a video conference remotely and reduce travel time and expense
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