GlobalMeet is on-demand web conferencing software to meet, work and collaborate

GlobalMeet is an easy web conferencing solution to deploy. GlobalMeet features a combination of the traditional audio conference calls and web conferencing, in a single click

Key Features

  • Save time

    Join your meeting from your desktop, laptop or smartphone* in a single click

  • Calendar

    Create a meeting URL for reoccurring meetings to help calendar management

  • Easy

    No hassles with software download for guest access

  • Meeting tools

    Record your meeting in a single click for on-demand viewing

  • Meeting controls

    Manage audio controls and mobile apps

  • Archive

    Easy archive and document download with direct access to recordings and files

  • Support & training

    Reliable training and support available 24x7 with global, multi-lingual integration

  • Look who’s talking - active talker tells you who’s talking in your meetingcounterparts


What customers say about GlobalMeet

“GlobalMeet’s interface is very intuitive and allows us to easily share documents during our meetings. GlobalMeet allows us to have more spontaneous meetings and discussions about topics and issues as they occur. With directors spread around Australia, the annual cost of getting together regularly can easily get out of hand. GlobalMeet will save us many tens of thousands of dollars each year by reducing the need for face-to-face meetings.”

Director I Australian Traditional Medicine Society

Benefits by Role

Training professionals

GlobalMeet can benefit training professionals:

  • Grow revenue streams by increasing enrolment from geographically dispersed students
  • Content share with on-demand viewing tools for post lecturer and meeting needs
  • Engage students anywhere with more interactive and innovative experiences representatives

Project management professionals

GlobalMeet can benefit Project management professionals:

  • Bring your project team together more frequently for better communications
  • Ad-hoc roadblock meeting updates for contingency planning
  • Increase collaboration between team members to help build stronger relationships
  • Share project documentation to gain immediate feedback and fasten decision-making

Event management professionals

GlobalMeet can benefit event management professionals:

  • Conduct webinars for extended reach and archive for continued on-demand download
  • Grow your audience and attract more prospects with reduced cost per lead
  • Increase interaction and engagement with web conferencing to expand customer understanding
  • Ensure consistency with web conferencing for a controlled event environment

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